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Saladarity, a salad concept, will open downtown in April
February 4, 2014 by Lori Midson - Westword

Green Fine Salad Co., a Denver-based company, plans to open its third local location in April at 707 Seventeenth Street -- but this outpost will have another name: Saladarity, a new prototype that, unlike Green Fine Salad, is trademarked. "Green Fine Salad is a name we couldn't protect, so we came up with Saladarity, which we have trademarked," says founder Gerry Weber.

"Saladarity is based on a simple idea: prepare salads with the same quality ingredients, cooking techniques and creativity found at the finest restaurants and serve them quickly in a lively setting," adds Weber, noting that Saladarity is a "new prototype of the enhanced version that we already have in place."

The menu, he reveals, will have "limited time offers that will allow us to test new recipes." In addition, says Weber, "We have a number of signature salads, but some of them no longer sell very well, so we'll be adding new salads, and the ones that we remove from the signature salad board will still be available to devotees as a custom craft salad," he adds.

Weber also notes that he's considering adding healthy breakfast options to the lineup at the Seventeenth Avenue location, while the other two Denver outposts, both of which are nearly ten years old, will undergo a "refresh."

"We consider ourselves a healthy, active lifestyle brand, using high quality ingredients to create products that are great tasting and better for you, and healthy eating is gaining momentum as a lifestyle choice," says Weber.

Saladarity will open in April.

Franchise Success: a Watch and the Love of Hockey of an 8-Year-Old
June 16, 2013 by lizette - Expansion Experts

Gerry W. B. Weber is a serial franchisor who started his franchise career back in the early 70’s when franchising was making its debut as the new way of expanding businesses. A franchise turn-around and start-up expert, Gerry has created, led, saved, and grown major franchise names in Canada and the US, such as Shoppers Drug Mart, Blockbuster Entertainment, AutoNation, Lady of America, and his newest venture, Saladarity.

Many people credit the words “honesty and integrity” as the cause of their success. But for Gerry, these are not merely words; they are principles that have run his life since childhood. At the age of eight, Gerry was on his way to a Santa Claus parade in Toronto, Canada, when he saw a shiny object lying on the snow covered ground. He discovered that it was a watch, and his decision at that moment shaped the rest of his life. That day, young Gerry took the watch to the police station and left all his contact details with them. Unbeknown to him, the watch belonged to his childhood hero, Conn Smythe, whose name was synonymous with hockey in Toronto for five decades. After surrendering the watch to the police, Gerry and his friends went on to the Christmas parade and forgot all about it.

Weeks later Gerry’s parents received a letter from Conn Smythe expressing his desire to meet young Gerry and to thank him personally for returning his watch, which had been stolen during a house robbery. When the meeting took place Mr. Smythe gave Gerry the watch, which he had cleaned and re-conditioned, a letter, season tickets to hockey, and the greatest gift of all: a conversation about honesty and integrity. Gerry has never forgotten this conversation; and, the anecdotes that Mr. Smythe shared with him that day have guided his life since then.

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Best Cities for Vegetarian Foodies
by Annie Wang on July 9, 2013 - TravelNerd

Many Americans worried about food safety and health issues are turning to alternative diets. 7.3 million Americans consider themselves vegetarian, and another 1 million consider themselves vegan. However, finding appropriate dining options while traveling can be tough. Here’s TravelNerd’s guide to the best foodie cities for vegetarians, complete with our top picks.

Denver, Colorado


is home to plenty of nature-loving, outdoorsy adventurers who love healthy, delicious foods so there are plenty of vegetarian options around town. Watercourse Foods is a vegetarian restaurant with a simple and accessible menu. We love the brunch dishes like scrambles, pancakes and breakfast sandwiches and tacos. Green Fine Salad is a local Denver-based chain focused on providing easy build-your-own salads wherever you are. Those heading to Denver shouldn’t miss out on the excellent beer scene.

The Kitchen Denver opened in the Spring of 2012 as Denver’s Community Bistro, which serves food and drink sourced from a community of farmers and ranchers. Have a vegetarian happy hour at Hops and Pie for build-your-own artisan pizza and local craft beer. With toppings like heirloom tomatoes, arugula, caramelized onions and vegan cheeses of all types, this place caters to all.

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Fort Lauderdale/Denver-Based Saladarity Launches Franchise Program
FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., May 17, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Saladarity, a Green Fine Salad Company is a two unit fast casual healthy eating restaurant founded in 2004 that specializes in upscale, made-to-order, green leaf salads, soups, and salad wraps prepared exhibition style. Service is simple, swift, friendly, informative, and entertaining to watch and grants customers ultimate control and choice, with the added benefit of personalized and interactive service from Employees.

The Fast Casual Healthy Eating segment of the Restaurant industry is poised for growth. Saladarity is prepared to grow by way of both Franchise and Company owned development.

"Saladarity offers more than great tasting salads, high quality and convenience. The Saladarity experience is designed to communicate that by eating with us, customers are doing something positive for themselves and the environment." says Jon Nassif, the company's founder, who serves as Chief Operating Officer.

"Saladarity, a Green Fine Salad Company's two Denver locations are prototypes which will enable additional restaurants to be quickly and effectively set up and managed. We have been a successful and respected Denver business for the past nine years." says Gerald (Gerry) Weber, the company's President and Chief Executive Officer.

Saladarity's healthy menu has established a loyal local following and a culture that has driven the company's success. Saladarity has built strong brand awareness through food quality, service and presentation. "Saladarity serves great food at a reasonable price in an entertaining atmosphere." adds Weber. "We look forward to working with our Franchise Owners to build Saladarity, a Green Fine Salad Company into a Nationwide brand."

Media Contact: Gerald Weber, Saladarity, a Green Fine Salad Company, 954-610-1128,

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SOURCE Saladarity, a Green Fine Salad Company
Rocky Mountain News
“TOP SALAD” Editors Choice & People’s Choice Rocky Mountain News - October 2004
5280 Magazine
"3.5 Stars (out of 4)...These salads are killer!"
5280 Magazine - November 2004

Green Means Go
By Elisabeth True
Green – Fine Salad Co.
3-1/2 (out of 4 stars)
1137 16th St. 303-279-0173

The Draw
Exceptional salads from a star chef in a hip downtown space.

The Drawback
A bit pricey for salads.

Don\'t Miss
Frizzled leeks, Chef Jam salad, candied pecans, roasted beets, Stilton vinaigrette, arugula.

Vegetarian Options
A multitude of vegetarian options, ranging from curried tempeh to haricots vert to grilled portobellos.


“Top 6 places in Denver for lunch”
5280 Magazine - December 2004/January 2005
Special Restaurant Issue

Top six Places for Lunch: When lunch has been little more than a sandwich at your desk for too long, take a midday time-out. Lunch at any of these restaurants, whether you’re simply taking a breather or celebrating a big event, is guaranteed to recharge your batteries.

Hip downtown eatery Green: Fine Salad Co. doesn’t serve just any salad. Enormous bowls of quality ingredients are assembled, tossed and chopped to order “exhibition style” from an open kitchen gleaming with stainless-steel fixtures and flashing mezzalunas. Green is the brainchild of star chef James Mazzio, and his touched of brilliance show up in ingredients like roasted beets, frizzled leeks, candied pecans, grilled portabellas, dried apricots, shaved asiago, and haricot verts. The world is your oyster as you choose from no fewer than 22 salad dressings and seven greens.

ALSO In Issue: Where We’re Eating

Forget the fancy-schmanzy restaurants, this is where we grub.


GREEN: Fine Salad Co.
Being a young bachelor, I’m a firm believer in a diet of meat, potatoes, and Ramen noodles. On those rare occasions when I have a hankering for vegetables, I head over to GREEN: Fine Salad Co., where the veggies are so fresh, they actually taste good.- Patrick Doyle"


Nation's Restaurant News
GREEN is raising the bar on the salad bar
Nations Restaurant News - August 2004

Green Fine Salad Co., Denver
Nation\'s Restaurant News, August 16, 2004 by Dina Berta
The idea of Green Fine Salad Co. is to raise the bar on the salad bar, says owner Jon Nassif. “This is not about salads with iceberg lettuce and Ranch dressing, but roasted tomatoes, curried tempeh and grilled shrimp,” explains Nassif, who moved his family to Denver from New York City two years ago. “Salads are outlets to display different culinary techniques.” Inspired by such salad-only restaurants in New York as Tossed and Chop\'t and by the growing popularity of healthful eating among consumers, Nassif designed a quick-service, made-to-order-salad restaurant that debuted in Denver this summer. The 1,600-square-foot restaurant has about two dozen seats and overlooks Skyline Park--a strip of green space that cuts through downtown. Green also is the major color of the restaurant\'s decor, which Nassif calls country industrial--metal chairs, wood tables, a green floor and green walls with shelves of wheat grass plants.The main feature is the open kitchen, where ingredients are displayed under glass. Customers walk the line and direct employees about what to put in their salads, choosing from some 65 ingredients, including eight types of lettuce, 21 dressings made in house and seven different cheeses. Ingredients are mixed together and then chopped on a cutting board, mixed with dressing and served in large, clear plastic bowls. Nassif grew up spending summers working in his father\'s resort restaurant and hotel, but he pursued a career in book publishing until he was laid off after Sept. 11, 2001. So he sought out the advice of a professional chef for his menu and was referred to James Mazzio. The chef, named one of Food & Wine magazine\'s Best New Chefs in 1999, when he was at the now-defunct 15 Degrees in Boulder, Colo., also runs a catering business and restaurant in nearby Broomfield called ChefJam. Nassif asked Mazzio to act as a consultant, but the chef immediately was taken with the idea of Green and took on the position of executive chef and developed the menu. “It was just something that had never been breached before,” Mazzio says. “There are a lot of sandwich-and-salad and soup-and-salad places, and there are some salad companies, but they are not doing it in a gourmet way. This excited me.” They spent two days in Mazzio\'s Broomfield kitchen, testing out ideas, roasting ingredients, making dressings and coming up with items--such as frizzled leeks, leeks dredged in rice flour and flash fried--to toss on top of salads. Mazzio also designed salads for customers who don\'t want to create their own. Customers also can choose from 10 signature salads, such as the Santa Fe, which is romaine hearts, grilled chicken or beef tenderloin, black-bean salsa, crispy tortilla strips, avocado, corn, Vermont cheddar cheese and roasted five-pepper dressing. The signature salads are priced between $6.95 and $9.50, while the made-to-order salads are $6.95. Meats and cheese are extra. “Salad bars typically charge by weight or volume, and so a bowl of broccoli could be the same as a bowl of shrimp,” Nassif says. “Here we charge by ingredients so we can control our food costs much better.”";

Douglas County News
Fresh is a word that cannot be used enough Douglas County News - July 2004
Fresh Green Salad has come to Denver

Green Fine Salad Co. is the new kid on the block. Easy to find, it is located at the historic Clock Tower facing Skyline Park on the 16th Street Mall at Arapahoe Street.

Fresh is a word that cannot be used enough to describe the salad ingredients. There are 11 signature salads or you have the opportunity to be the chef and design you own from over 60 fresh ingredients and two dozen dressings designed by Food and Wine Magazine’s James Mazzio, who was the magazine’s 1992 Best Chef winner. The customer stands at the salad bar choosing from seven greens and toss-ins.

The ingredients are placed in a bowl. The excitement and drama begins as the bowl is tipped and the salad is on the chopping block. Nest, the fresh ingredients are chopped with a mezzaluna, returned to the bow and tossed with the dressing. Finally, the salad is placed in a plastic bowl, which can be taken to a table or carried out to the office, Skyline Park or home. I carried my bowl of leftovers down the 16th Street mall to the light rail stop on Stout. The street people forgot to ask for money and instead asked for my leftovers. Very interesting.

Ingredients for the salads are fresh and upscale. Some of the more unusual ingredients are asparagus, roasted beets, Napa cabbage, haricot verts, frizzled leeks, snow peas, red bliss potatoes and roasted cauliflower.

There are also nuts, dried fruit and crunchy things. Cheese is an extra charge, but choices include shaved asiago, Danish blue, Vermont cheddar and Haystack Mt. Feta.

Meat has an extra charge if designing your own crafted salad. Who could resist grilled portobellos, poached shrimp or beef tenderloin?

Classic dressings, specialty dressings or spa dressings are offered. We had two salads. One was the specialty Asian salad with crispy chicken, toasted peanuts and sesame ginger dressing and the other was a crafted custom salad with the healthy citrus vinaigrette. Both were excellent.

The house soup is a nine-vegetable tortellini with freshest of vegetables. The soup of the day was green lentil. Both were top-notch. Soup is $3.50 or $3.00 with a salad. Fresh pressed lemonade was a thirst quencher on a hot afternoon. Cookies by Susan Sweets are the best and only $1.50 to finish off the meal.

Great bang for the buck from the open kitchen where you interact with the crew.

The restaurant promotes the culinary ideals of Chef James Mazzio.

Nothing ever comes from a can or the freezer. Only the freshest of seasonal produce is used, and it comes organic and local when appropriate.

Owner Jon Nassif comes to the restaurant business from book publishing at Random House in New York. He was inspired to open Green by the fresh trend in fast food available on both coasts. Denver rejoice!
AOL City Guide
"The efficient kitchen crew mixes the top-drawer, ultra-fresh ingredients…"

Star chef James Mazzio (Food & Wine magazine Best New Chef winner in 1999) has elevated roughage to a fine art at his newest restaurant venture -- a salad-only operation -- tucked into a wee corner of the Tabor Center. Boasting 11 signature salads, seven varieties of lettuce, 56 gourmet "toss- ins" (including roasted beets, haricot verts, crasins, curried tempeh and poached salmon), and 23 house made dressings that run the gamut from a spectacular steakhouse blue to an excellent red curry, the lowly lettuce has never been treated so well. The efficient kitchen crew mixes the top- drawer, ultra-fresh ingredients exhibition-style in huge, stainless steel bowls, dumps everything out onto thick wooden butcher blocks, and chops your concoction to order. An open kitchen, lofty ceilings, sleek tables and chairs, and a floor-to-ceiling glass front framing the newly renovated Skyline Park, echoes Mazzio's fresh approach to fields of green.
-- Lori Midson
Gabby Gourmet Review 2007
Enter into this delightful small spot and you know you are in for a lunchtime treat. Here’s how it works; pick a divine salad from the selection on the board or make your own combination of very fresh, top quality ingredients at the counter. Behind the line, one of the many staff members takes your order and the process begins. Add the lettuces; then add the veggies, toppings, meat, chicken, salmon, shrimp or cheeses and your plastic bowl is plastic is filled. Then the ingredients are placed in a bowl, salad dressing is added along with your choice of croutons, leeks and more. Tossed, chopped and ready to eat, dine at one of the tables inside, on the patio or at your office. The Cobb is a blend of lettuces with grilled chicken, smoked bacon, egg, Roma tomatoes, onions avocado and Stilton vinaigrette. Santa Fe starts with romaine hearts then adds grilled chicken or beef, black bean salsa, tortilla crisps, avocado, fresh corn, cheddar and roasted 5-pepper dressing. The Metropolis is a blend of greens and arugula with chicken, roasted tomato, cucumber, mozzarella and aged sherry vinaigrette. These are a few of the ingredients and dressings make for mighty-fine dining! Enjoy cookies for dessert. Watching the happy crowd each day, it is obvious that Green Fine Salads makes a great choice for lighter, delicious and fun fining in downtown Denver.
November 26-December 2, 2004
By: Paula Moore

A handful of locally owned upscale, New York-style salad restaurants have sprouted in metro Denver as part of the fast-casual dining trend….”We were inspired by Tossed and Chopped, but also by the New
York lunch scene al large,” said Jon Nassif, owner of Green Fine Salad Co. and a New Yorker who moved to Denver in 2002, "It’s all about fresh food markets, fine food stores and upscale delis. It’s about the energy of the New York City lunch spot."
JULY 16, 2004
3 SQUARES …The snazzy space is…next to the Palm. Service is speedy, and the turnover in the dining area is quick, too.
"Green’s quick-gourmet chopped salads feature the same quality ingredients, cooking techniques, and creativity found at the finest restaurants."
Denver – July 2007

Now with two downtown Denver locations (16th & Arapahoe and 16th & Broadway), Green’s quick-gourmet chopped salads feature the same quality ingredients, cooking techniques, and creativity found at the finest restaurants. Served exhibition style, fresh produce, meats, proteins and dressings are made fresh daily, elevating the common salad into something special. Try out the new hand held salad option.

People’s Choice: Green Fine Salad Co.
SEPTEMBER 29, 2004
By: Kyle Wagner
Denver Post Dining Critic
…More urban chic and rather self-important, Green has the aura of a place the girls would have met on “Sex and the City,” the paint blobs of various shade of green overlooking a small dining room lined with sleek booths, surrounded in U-shape by the ordering line that winds its way through pretty much continuously during the lunch rush…the ingredients at Green were always fresh and in tiptop shape…

MARCH 14, 2004
…Like so many New Yorkers who move out West and then seek to re-create the amenities of big-city living, Nassif thought Denver needed better salads. He hooked up with chef James Mazzio, who created 24 dressings for seven lettuces and 60 toppings. "ou’re the chef and we’ll chop it and toss it. You’re right there working with our crew to build your salad," says Nassif. Green will have an open kitchen and "industrial-country" design combining sleek lines with natural materials. "We’re doing fast gourmet," says Nassif. "We feel like we’re pushing the envelope."

Hours of operation:
1137 16th Street @ Arapahoe Mon-Th 11:00-4:00, Fri 11:00-3:00
110 16th Street @ Broadway Mon-Th 11:00-4:00, Fri 11:00-3:00
707 17th Street, 17th & California Mon-Th 11:00-4:00, Fri 11:00-3:00